Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Growing Up

Lately I've been feeling like a have a smidgen more time on my hands. In the last two weeks I've made two dresses, which is two more than I've made in about 7 years. I sew costumes regularly, but just plain old sew for the heck of it sewing has been scarce for awhile now. I sewed almost all of my dresses in High School, and then again after college, BK (before kids). I always thought I would sew for my girls, but alas this just hasn't happened. But lately I've had a new and very welcomed flood of ideas that much to my surprise have come to fruition. I'm not sure exactly what to attribute this to, other than the kids are growing up. Yes, they still need me, but they are getting much more independent. They play in the neighborhood now with other little girls. They read more, have an easier time getting into a solo craft project and can even find themselves a snack and drinks without my help (thank goodness for frozen yogurt sticks and step stools). The chores they do now actually do help instead of create more work. I have more time to bake and cook too. I'm so sorry if you are reading this and want to smack me, I completely understand. I would never say these things to a new mom in person or a mom with multiple toddlers, you can even scream at me through the screen if you want to. I hear ya. But you just have to know that your brain will come back, the things you used to do you'll do again, I promise. I do miss a lot of the things that come with babies, believe me no one loves a baby more than me, but I am enjoying all the new opportunities I'm having. So the pictures today are a little walk down memory lane, I hope you like them.


  1. It's funny, I've been feeling too lately that I have a little more time on my hands and things seem to be getting easier! Most of my friends still have a toddler around...so I don't dare tell them how nice my little bit of "extra" time is! Sometimes it's not all cracked up to be what you think it will...since my son started school...I miss him not being home with me all day (well, some days I miss it!)

    Have a great day!

  2. Great pictures.....great memories ....Love those little darlings.... XXXOOO

  3. That dishwasher photo is priceless!