Thursday, March 18, 2010

Two Donut Thursdays

A blog with 'Donut' in the title certainly should have at least one post a week with donuts in it. Believe me, that won't be hard. So I'm going to challenge myself, we'll call it 'Two Donut Thursdays', and I can't use dated photos, or dated donuts. These two lovelies are from White House Fruit Farm , and it was difficult protecting the props until the shoot was over. Steve drank the prop coffee too. I was trying to take a new picture for the banner at the top of my blog, something that's more befitting the title. I don't think any of them will work for that, I'll keep trying. So we all ate the props in the end, it's hard but somebody has to do it. This is one of my vintage aprons from the ever growing collection, this one was brand new in the package when it shouted my name in the antique store. Maybe 'Donut Thursdays' will have a different apron every time too, yes, that sounds good. Well I hope you are all enjoying this weather, the lamb can stay as far as I'm concerned, and as always, I hope you are having a two donut day.

P.S. You didn't think I only bought two donuts
did you?

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