Sunday, March 28, 2010

Cleaning house

For the last week I've been trying to prepare the house to sell. Don't worry my local friends, we are just trying to get a house with some property and some room to be able to accomplish some of the things we'd like to with the archery program, locally. I promise. Steve and I both grew up in rural areas with plenty of room to roam, and I guess it's inevitable that at some point you want to go back to your roots. Besides, we are starting to look like red-necks for our part of the burbs. Archery targets, a hunting dog, and a rather large truck and trailer are taking up most of this small real estate. If I don't get some land soon, next is a garden in my only sunny front yard and chickens in the back, this will be frowned upon. Urban farming my be in vogue in some places but it has not reached the suburbs of Y-town just yet. Soooo the hunt begins. I've been sorting through, thinning out and trying to stage a very lived in house. No small undertaking. Thanks to HGTV I've learned about curb appeal, getting the biggest bang for my buck and a thousand other what to-do's and what not-to-do's. But it all comes down to what's really important for your mystery buyer. It could be neat as a pin but they might not like split levels. They might not be able to overlook your color scheme as changeable as that ultimately is. They might not like that they have to go up the stairs and down some other stairs just to get to the kitchen from the garage, and the list could go on and on. So, as much as I've been wracking my brain to get into the head of this buyer, it is really just a fruitless exercise that is zapping my mental energy and making me crabby. Things will happen the way they are supposed to happen. This house could be exactly what somebody wants, it has a great back yard, great neighbors, it's a very quiet street in a great school district, and the list goes on and on. Focus on the positive is the song I am singing, it's going to be out of my hands very soon, and in the hands of a capable realtor. I will listen and obey his instructions. End of story, end of blog for today.

Just 1 last thing, I hope they are not members of PETA, because I could not get Deer Slayer to take any of the taxidermy off the walls. Maybe my lovely realtor can:)

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  1. You could play music when people walk into the taxidermy section of the house, kind of like Chuck E Cheese. Serve pizza even. People like that.