Saturday, March 20, 2010

Graduation Day

My sister graduated from nursing school on Friday. After years of hard work, she's finally done. I didn't realize that your friends and family actually did the pinning, it was pretty cool watching everyone go forward, parents, husbands, boyfriends, children, anybody significant to you. There were lots of thank-you's, hugs, and kisses. Nursing school is tough, you couldn't possibly leave there not knowing that. This picture isn't the best quality, (low light, nervous picture taker) but it still conveys the mood. Proud parents and relieved, thankful daughter.

Sister's oldest son, he's proud, relieved and happy mother isn't banging her head against wall anymore.

Proud, crying, friend Kay,.... happy 'where's my Margarita' sister.

Sister, in blue, wandering why she didn't finish college....hmmmm the ADD maybe? What in the world was I thinking in this picture, and who the heck took it???? By the way, sister in white-Original Donut Queen, you didn't know that did you, sister in blue, just a sorry want-to-be.

And here's the whole happy group, minus me. I was done with pictures after the last one.

Congratulations big sister, you waited a long time to be able to accomplish this dream, I'm so proud of you and I will buy you the biggest cream stick in the case...... after you pass the State Boards:)


  1. Who the heck took it??? Ummm...that would be me!:) I struggled to figure out your camera, but there WAS a better one on there! Great seeing you AS ALWAYS! Happy Birthday Tuesday! :)

  2. Barb, I saw the link to your blog on facebook and clicked over. So glad I did! I thought your lovely "sister in white" had wonderful! Your parents look so proud in the first picture it totally makes up for the lighting. ;)