Wednesday, March 10, 2010

My Blogging Partner

Yes, it's true, there is another contributor to this blog. You know because there might be days when I'm fresh out of ideas, dried up, fuzzy in the brain even. So I have this. He looks a little uninterested right now, but I assure you he takes his role very seriously. He's my go to dog, feeding me constant inspiration. Ok, maybe not, he's more like an appendage. If I have the lap top out, he is not more that two inches from me, ever. Which is tricky these days as he is bigger now and his snout takes up more of the keyboard. Sometimes he's awake and watching my every blog, but most of the time he's out like a light.

It's nice to have an editor, so if you ever have an issue about content, you can talk it over with someone. Not sure where or if to post that picture, no problem, there's always a second opinion. So if there are ever random pictures of torn up stuffed animals, half chewed bones or squirrels (not half chewed) on this blog, all comments can be addressed to 'Muzzy'.

1 comment:

  1. Hi Barb! If I wrote a blog I'd have a blogging partner named Daisy. Daisy is always on my lap or on the laptop when I'm using it! Pets can be such good company. I miss you!