Friday, December 3, 2010

The Perfect Snowflake

This little snowflake is Jaden, my little niece. She and Taryn were born only one day apart. They look so similar to each other, we call them twin cousins. They are separated by a 3 hour car ride though, but when they do get to spend time together they are inseparable.

Our family isn't huge and has many age gaps, but I think it's nice that way. The little ones really look up to the big ones and the older ones are so good to the younger. I think we all benefit. The little ones have watched them perform in plays, sporting events, graduations, weddings and prayed for them when they've been far away. The older have held crying babies, put up with hours of crawling around on the floor, wii, and some rather crazy get togethers. They will probably have a pretty good idea of what having children will mean, they will know what is expected. They've never shied away from any of it over the years.

I think this wedding has made me reflective, and happy. I'm getting more sentimental as I age I guess, it feels natural, something I certainly won't fight. Every experience means more, you want to slow the clock and the calendar down so you won't miss anything. I also feel like as I get more adept with my camera, I'm actually 'seeing' more. I've always taken pictures, ever since the ancient darkroom days, but now it's just different. The camera has turned into a portal of sorts, a window that makes it possible to view anything on the other side of the lens differently and more thoughtfully than you would have before. If the subject is created by man, I'm thinking about who created it, how did they make it so beautiful, how can I do it justice. If the subject is created by God, I think the exact same thing. The other day, Myah was singing a jingle, over and over and over, I finally asked what she was doing. She said and I quote, "I'm practicing my Super Hero Theme Song, everyone should have one." After I laughed for quite a long time, we discussed what super power we would have. No one could quite decide on ice or fire, shrinking or growing, but later I thought of one. Seeing people and things for exactly what they are, sure sometimes the 'light' might be unflattering and sometimes the 'image' could be too perfect, but at least you would know and you could go from there. The more time goes on I realize that that it takes depth to capture things in this manner. So I guess I would be Depth Girl. On second thought, being able to control the weather would be pretty cool too:)

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  1. A camera certainly changes the way you look at the world, doesn't it? I think it makes you see things you just wouldn't notice otherwise. My problem is I get so focused on taking the photos, I miss what's happening around me.
    There's got to be a balance there somewhere!
    Enjoy the rest of your weekend,