Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Into the Snowy Wild

A 'two-cinnamon roll day' has been officially declared by my first born....I'm so proud.

I'm actually going on a road trip today, one similar to the scene above, there will most assuredly be snow and windshield wipers, but I'm not sure about the man in the sequined scarf. I will see him later though, when Jingle-Jingle Wedding Bells hits the stage in 'Donutland' tonight. The show must go on folks, we laugh in the face of inclement weather. Well, maybe we don't laugh exactly, maybe more like a little snicker....a nervous, little, snicker. My cream stick awaits, my reward for traveling into the snowy wild. I'm pretty sure I'd drive through anything for an Amish Door creme stick, oh and for my friends and co-workers who are waiting for me there too, I'd drive through anything for them too, uh-huh I would:) See ya on the snowy flip-side.

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