Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Today I said goodbye to my stash of decorating magazines. I know, it was sad. The closet they have comfortably resided in is getting an overhaul. They can no longer live there. They have been given the boot. I looked through them one last time then got them ready for recycling. As I looked through them I thought about all the places we've lived, the rooms painted, updated and decorated. I thought about all 'me' time I had as I looked forward to a cup of coffee and a quick or long bit of reading on a snowy Saturday morning or a lazy hour on the back deck when the kids were in their sandbox. Once I saw them in the big box all together I shuttered to think about the money spent on them, and maybe the time that could have been better used. It was a mixed feelings sort of day today, about a lot of things. As I tore out dream rooms and houses and stashed them in a binder, just in case I might need them, I thought about life. What else am I ready to let go? What are the things taking up valuable square footage in my mind. What are the things that I'll tear out and protect. I know, deep thoughts while cleaning out a closet. Well that's me folks, I can find meaning in almost anything, for better or worse, I guess. I didn't come to any huge conclusions, just thinking, pondering, saying goodbye.....to things.


  1. I like that, Barb - what is taking up the square footage in my mind - obviously a lot these days. Makes me wonder about what needs to get purged too. I think you are one of the coolest people I know.

  2. This releases a lot of the guilt I feel about keeping a WHOLE STACK of your magazines at my house! :) I think I've had them almost a year now and have already added them to my wedding pile of things that need remembered that weekend. But if you're purging....lol.