Monday, January 30, 2012

Rollin 'Em Out

   This one has been talking about being a French chef for years now.  She has her own rolling pin and she knows how to use it.  She remembers every French word I teach her and I overheard the two chickies trying to put together a conversation in French the other day.  That tells me that they are completely ready to delve into foreign language.  I'm really looking forward to it because I am really rusty.  I'm just lucky at this point that they think my French is better than daddy's Spanish, and that is not saying much believe me. 

 I finished this bench today and moved it downstairs while it waited on its owner to pick it up.  It's always a great feeling to send something out the door.  I did have to watch it like a hawk though lest someone think it would make a great baby bed or heaven forbid a dog bed, oh my, not good.  It made it through the day, only one close call.  Working is very different these days with a house full of people.  I don't get near the time to work on upholstery projects anymore, homeschooling is my new job, and cooking.  Life ebbs and flows though, I can always pull it out of my back pocket whenever the need arises, trades are good that way.

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  1. I just finished rolling out my own heart-shaped cut-outs---wish I'd have had such a lovely little helper to take over for me! That pic makes me smile for so many reasons---love your aprons and your canisters and even your Kitchen-Aid (which appears to be the same color as mine). We need a loooong, extended time to catch-up---really hoping for that this summer!