Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Crazytown? Anyone?

It's inevitable, the first week of January ushers in a string of events that make me crazy.  I have no one to blame.  I bring it all on myself and it's the same EVERY year.  Here's how it goes.  

1.  Take down the Christmas decorations.
2.  Make huge mess as I am a firm believer in 'real pine'.
3.  Go through bins, organize, consolidate and edit.
4.  Ask myself why, why, why is everything I own so extremely fragile.
5.  Berate myself for not liking plastic, you snob!
6.  Deposit bins safely in attic, whew.
7.  Go back into living room, look at mess and cry.
8.  Vacuum

This is where it all goes south.

 9.  Stand back and ponder.
10.  Rearrange entire house.

Step ten can take days, weeks even.  Every year I do it.  I thought I wouldn't this year.  Of course I think that every year.   I wish I could leave well enough alone.   Apparently its my tradition, my own little annual trip to crazytown.  I bet you wish you could come.  I think I'll document it for you this year, in hopes that I won't do it again next year.  Maybe this sad little post will be all that's left of crazy, obsessive furniture mover me.  I do hope so.

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  1. This is absolutely hilarious! But I hear your pain - hang in there! :-)