Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Two-Waffle Days

 I love summer. 
 I love kids that sleep in. 
 I love sleeping in. 
 I love Eggo Waffles.
 I love kids that can fix there own waffles and then bring me waffles.
 I love summer, what do you love about summer?

1 comment:

  1. I love the CSA farm share, even though I can never keep up with all the squashes.
    I love how everyone else's pace slows down so I have a prayer of catching up.
    I love how all the kids ride past our house on bicycles.
    I love waiting for the rose of sharon to bloom.
    I love all the fireflies in our yard.
    I love the drive-in movies.
    I love the family reunions.
    I love thinking about all the places I'd like to go on vacation, even though I'll have to wait for my life to evolve a bit before I have time for more than a day or two off here and there.
    I love making refrigerator pickles.
    I love all the seasons of pie that happen in the summer: rhubarb then strawberry then raspberry then blueberry then tart cherry then peach then apple.