Sunday, July 10, 2011

Restaurant Reopens

A popular neighborhood restaurant reopens today after a total renovation.  This new look has certainly influenced the food and the chefs have been hard at work.  The food, if not entirely edible, is certainly artfully arranged and will no doubt earn high ratings from the critics.  

The name of the restaurant is The Yellow Duck, in the tradition of the two chefs favorite restaurants The Red Pig and The Blue Wolf.  Chef and CEO Taryn Scott says that Chefer School is in her future, in Paris of course where according to Scott 'all the good cookers come from'.  Although she will wait until Zookeeping School is completed before traveling to Paris to pursue being a chef.   

This popular eatery is open sporadically, as the chefs are often distracted by fireflys and bicycles, so as always calling ahead is advised.


  1. You have attained the desired effect. As always, I'm smiling big and wishing I could hug you. It looks like you're thoroughly enjoying your summer, friend. Coming this way at all? ~ Nikki

  2. Putting in an early reservation for an apple puff pancake and coffee in my favorite mug at this restaurant! Would love to head your way before school starts! :) - Annie