Saturday, March 12, 2011

Saturday Morning Donuts

This is the look that makes Daddies all over America do the Saturday morning donut run. I can do this look pretty good too, but she's is much cuter than me in the mornings.

This was our house guest for the week, sadly he went home today, but not without a belly full of donuts. We had so much fun, it was really great having him around. We have five nephews, so we are not newbies when it comes to teenage boys and this one is no less entertaining. We laughed all week. Normally it's little girl world around here, coloring, baking, sewing, doll dressing, but this week was remote control helicopters, wii, spicy buffalo wings, and dog chasing craziness. Throw in a snow day and you have some pretty good chaos, although truth told....I not only contributed, I most definitely egged it on. So thanks Timmy Boy, it was fun.


  1. Hi Barb.....I can just imagine all the fun you must have had with Tim....I'm sure there was never a dull moment.

  2. Taryn is out of control! Love it!