Thursday, May 12, 2011

This is a variation on the famous Farm Chicks recipe, Apple Puff Pancake.  I had I tried it.  Some bites were a bit tart, but overall a success.  A good way to use up rhubarb.

This is a new bread recipe, found here.  I've tried many over the last few weeks with varying degrees of success.  I'm trying to strike a good balance for all of us.  I'm hoping this one is it!  It sure does win points in the looks category with it's shiny egg finish and sprinkling of oats.  

Lastly I'm excited about this, Boomerang Lilacs, have you seen them?  They bloom a second time, shut up, I know!  Twice.  I love lilacs.  They were my wedding flowers, and they will always be my favorites.  I still have people tell us that they think of us every time the lilacs bloom.  Must mean my anniversary is just around the corner:)  

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  1. Your bread looks gorgeous---and twice-blooming lilacs? No way! Once again I'm thinking our hearts are intertwined. So many similarities---and lilacs, too? Inhaling them with you, friend...